Maths Curriculum at Mengham Junior School

At Mengham Junior School, we aim for all our children to make sense of the world around them by developing their ability to calculate, reason and problem solve. We pride ourselves, on providing an engaging maths curriculum, which promotes mastery for all children and helps to develop them into curious, hardworking, resilient and reflective learners, who enjoy maths and strive to be successful learners.

Our maths curriculum, takes a spiral approach that revisits each domain on the National Curriculum every term and deepens children’s understanding and promotes children to make connections with prior learning.  We achieve this, by following Hampshire schemes of learning, which teachers use and carefully adapt to fit the needs of each cohort and ensure we meet the three aims of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem-solving).  Every term, we invite in a HIAS maths inspector to work alongside our lead professional to review and develop our curriculum and support teachers in providing a curriculum that builds upon, recalls and further develop children’s understanding.  Our lessons, are carefully planned to be progressive, enabling all children to be both supported and challenged in every lesson.  Tasks are varied to allow children to master their understanding of that objective.  Throughout their learning, children are given the confidence to choose their own starting points and make independent choices to move their learning forward.  For children with special education needs, we provide a scaffolded curriculum using the SEND Hampshire Planning Tool. The key philosophy of this document is to teach less however what they do learn is internalised with depth and rigour. All maths learning is supported through the use of models and images and a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to support securing the children’s conceptual understanding.

Across our curriculum at Mengham, we create opportunities to make meaningful links to maths enabling children to apply key skills in different contexts.  We are dedicated to developing confident mathematicians, who have a deep understanding of key mathematical skills, and are able to retain and apply these key skills in the next stage of their education and beyond the school environment.

Curriculum Map – Maths

For skills progression, refer to Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication and Division, DfE Ready to Progress Documents and Hampshire mathematic progression documents.