House Captain News

House teams

 Mengham Junior School uses a house system to reward children and add to our community feel.

 In order to earn points for their team, children across the school are encouraged to follow the school’s behaviour code.

 House points are also awarded during special events such as DT challenge, during which the children from all year groups get together to compete in house teams to complete an egg related challenge!

 Sports day is also another opportunity for children to earn a significant number of house points for their team, often resulting in an exciting shuffle of the leader board. When they reach year 6, they are given the opportunity to put themselves forward as captains and vice captains.

 Candidates are required to give a speech to their team in an effort to win their votes.  It is the children of the house teams responsibility to elect captains who demonstrate excellent leadership qualities: enthusiasm, motivation, sportsmanship, communication and perseverance.

 As well as modelling excellent behaviour to the rest of the school house captains and vice captains are responsible for counting house points and announcing results in our celebration assemblies, leading P.E and games based activities at lunchtime.

Nelson – Yellow

House Captain

Betsy Vallis

Vice Captain

Violet McGrath

Shackleton – Red

House Captain

Blake Lindop

Vice Captain

Freddie Brickwood

Ainslie – Blue

House Captain

Maisie Wheeler

Vice Captain

Trae Ball

MacArthur – Green


House Captain

Jess Hoare

Vice Captain

Bailey Kiddell