Catch-up Funding

The funding shall be used to provide capacity within existing staff to provide targeted catch-up across the school. We are using staff that already know the children. This time is being ring fenced for catch-up at times when the children are not in core subjects.

All children will benefit from catch up at some point in the school year. Children with greater gaps to fill will receive a greater proportion of the catch-up time. Additionally there is a greater weighting of catch-up time towards the top end of the school as they have less time left with us to close their gaps.

(0.4×0.5 + 0.4×0.35) x HLTA £9,458
0.5 x TA £10,260
0.35 x TA £6,148
Total £25,866
Starting from end of November, approx. ¾ of year.
¾ of £25,866 £19,399


Total catch up funding allocated for 2020-21:   £19,040


Which pupils, what gaps and progress will be recorded each session. The impact of the catch-up will be reviewed as part of the termly pupil progress meetings.