Headteachers’ Welcome

We are committed to establishing a safe, enjoyable, creative and outstanding learning environment. We want our children to continue to be excited by their learning and come home to you buzzing with what they have learnt at school; to share their learning, to ask you questions and to want to discover more!
We are ambitious for all of the children at our school. Foremost we want them to be excellent at reading and writing and calculating with numbers. We want them to know about the world and its people and have regard for history and tradition. But we also want them to be eager for the future ahead of them and ready to take on its challenges.
We believe in working closely with you so that together we provide a rounded childhood; trips, outdoor activities, walks, camping, playing games and residentials. We balance this with a stimulating, varied curriculum and preparation for modern life.

We expect, value and get every day, very good behaviour, good manners, kindness and consideration for others and a can-do attitude from everyone. Acts of kindness are celebrated and promoted. Our inspirational teaching is focussed on each individual’s needs and there is a great atmosphere of hard work and good fun.

We love coming to school every day where our children are so eager to learn and so proud of their school. We are incredibly proud to be the Co Headteachers at Mengham Junior School. This is an exciting and vibrant place to be for all members of the community. We aim to raise aspirations and provide all the children in our school with the sense that they can be anything they want to be…

In order to get the best view of Mengham Junior School we would strongly recommend that you visit the school and take a conducted tour. Please contact the school office to arrange a visit with or without your child.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children into our school family.

Edward Harrison and Odele Davies