The Staff

Our Staff 2023 – 2024

Odele Davies.jpg
Mrs. Odele Davies
Co Headteacher
(Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Edward Harrison.jpg
Mr. Edward Harrison
Co Headteacher
(Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Chloe Rowsell.jpg

Miss Chloe Rowsell

Assistant Headteacher
Class Teacher & English Lead


Mrs. Frances Brook Class Teacher
Mrs. Lorna Clements Class Teacher & Maths Lead
Miss. Emily Cooper Class Teacher
Mrs. Alex Emery Class Teacher
Mr. Roger Flatt Class Teacher
Miss. Molly Lawlor Class Teacher
Mr. James O’Connor Class Teacher
Miss. Rozanne Richards Class Teacher
Miss Rachel Sinclair Class Teacher & SENCO
Mrs. Natalie Wisdom Class Teacher & Curriculum Lead
Mrs. Jo Walker Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) & Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Mary Fletcher Higher Level Teaching Assistant & Librarian
Miss. Lilly Gamblin Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr. Aaron Francis-Robertson Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss. Faye Bowling  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Marnie Clark Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Wendy Westlake Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Sally Bourne Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Patricia Markham Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Heather Morris Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Holly Noble Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Davina Rawlinson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Jackie Roffey Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Louise Vidler Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Melanie Game Learning Support Assistant
Mr. Kane Page Activity Leader
Mrs. Stephanie Latham Finance Officer
Mrs. Kirstie Izzard Senior Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Lianne Cole Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Chris Williams Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant & School Cleaner
Mrs. Maxine Owens Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. Kirstie Russell Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. Ellen Brassil Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. Shardia Philbrow Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. Penny March Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. Angela Holloway Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. Katie Swenson Cleaner
Mr. Barry Fletcher Site Manager
In line with government guidelines – we do not have any staff whose salary exceeds £100,000