Exciting developments in the library.

Our new library system, Junior, is up and running and accessible via the internet. Click on the picture below to take a look:


Soon, each pupil will receive a guide booklet to help navigate Junior but please take a look beforehand to explore the features available online. 

To help with implementing this system and all sorts of other jobs around the library, Mrs Fletcher has recruited some Pupil Librarians. Following an application process, the Pupil Librarians had to complete an orientation quiz to show their knowledge of the library. Currently, they are helping keep the library tidy and familiarising themselves with the organisation of the shelves but soon they will be challenged to teach other pupils how to use Junior to its full potential. Mrs Fletcher hopes they will be up to the challenge and many more in the future.

500 Word Stories

Mengham Junior Celebrates Writing Achievement

All of the staff at Mengham Junior School are extremely proud to be able to announce that four of our children have progressed to the next stage of the BBC 500 Word Story Competition. Ben Gibbs, Maahin Choudhury, Noah Cruickshank and Joe Smith’s stories have been selected from 118,000 entries for the second stage of the competition amongst 3,500 other children nationally. This is a fabulous achievement and we are all absolutely thrilled!

Link to the BBC website

Here are Ben, Maahin, Noah and Joe's stories in full...

It was finally over by Ben Gibbs

Above the modern ship, the cloudless sky sent a hushed breeze across my relaxed face. I leant over the wooden railings and could smell the polish scent as it wafted up my nose. The gulls glided happily through the cold, crisp air, staring at the noisy crowd on board the ship. We were a loyal crew, hardworking and excited about our journey.

In no time our colossal galleon was soaring through the, rippling waves out in the open ocean. On board, we were working extremely hard; scrubbing the deck, polishing the rails and hoisting the sails. All of a sudden, I felt a little drop of rain on my cheek. I scanned the sky. A whip of wind lashed my face and I clutched my coat tightly as it grew ever stronger.

A frightening flash made me jump, then a deep rumble followed by a deafening crash. The boat shook. Charging waves crashed against our magnificent galleon. Scared by the almighty storm, I cowered in the corner by the captain’s cabin. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a weak figure pressed on a battered barrel. I paused. Gingerly, I stepped forward to the wounded body, desperate to help. I was horrified to see it was our brave captain lying limp and alone.

I took a deep breath. The very first thing I noticed was a huge crimson blood stain on his weak chest. So bad were his wounds and so weak was his body, that his dangling arms were being slapped against the barrel by the strong wind. This also made the rigging whip angrily against the mast. His wounds were gross; so deep his cracked bone was visible, even through the dense sea air. I spotted a huge amount of blood trickling from a substantial graze on his knee. The storm was relentless and I feared for my life.

A lash of angry wind hit my face and brought me round. I wanted to save our poor captain. But how? I franticly ripped my worn coat off and wrapped it tightly around him. Shocked by the power of the wind, I struggled to create a makeshift boat which was the only way I would save his fading life. Carefully, and with all my might, I placed our precious captain on the wood. I closed my eyes as I saw my poor captain fade away into the darkness of the night sky. I was alone…

The little float disappeared just as I heard a terrifying crack. The heavy mast came towering down and we scurried to dodge it as it crashed against what was left of the deck. Exhausted and alone, I knew there was nothing else I could do so I edged towards the stern, wiped the tears from my face and leaped into the icy cold water. The sound of the storm became silent. It was finally over.

The Piano by Maahin Choudhury

Heavily, the rain smacked Rodger’s house. Droplets fell through leaks one by one as Rodger sat peacefully humming. He started to play his rickety, ram-shackled piano while looking at his wife’s picture.

Rodger was born in the highlands of Yorkshire and raised in Sheffield. He was born in 1915 and later called up to serve when he was only 24. He was the eldest of nine children and a very hard worker, fortunate as hard work was always expected from him. He was called up in 1940 and he was so excited to be serving his country until he was fighting the furious Germans. In the bitter December of the war, his life changed forever.

Having a flashback, Robert found himself in a trench fighting 6 miles away from his original base. He could hear the AA guns and tanks fighting 2 miles north. He heard his sergeant shout, “Fix bayonets!” Everyone responded. Silently, they stood for a few seconds. Their signal was a whistle. Looking through a telescope in the wall, the captain checked it was clear; he signalled for the whistle to be blown as Rodger waited aggressively. That very moment when the whistle blew, Rodger stormed to a wall with his friend Thomas. Thomas broke cover but was immediately shot in the chest, luckily it didn’t hit the heart but he still did not survive. Determined, Robert was going to shoot. It was so tempting but then they would come for him and his friends.

Rodger survived the whole of the war and was wandering the streets when he heard that the war was over and the Germans had been defeated. Later that night he met a lovely lady called Jennifer. He wanted to spend more time with her so he asked if she would like to go to dinner. “I would love to!” Jennifer replied excitedly. They went to dinner at an American diner, looking into each other’s eyes as they ate. Jennifer had beautiful saffire eyes, hazel hair and cherry cheeks. They had a lovely night together and every day after they would meet.

Ten months later they were a happy couple to be married. Rodger couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Jennifer walking down the aisle towards him. She was beautiful! They said their vows, put the rings on each other’s fingers, signed the marriage contract, and kissed. Finally they were married and it was time for a party with their family.

Every summer they went on a camping trip in the midlands with their children, Tom, Timmy, and Madeline. They set up their camp, made their dinner over the campfire and sang songs.

A few years later Jennifer sadly fell very sick and died. A funeral was arranged they buried her in a beautiful graveyard. She was a lovely woman and Rodger had loved her dearly. A clap of thunder awoke Rodger from his trance. He gazed longingly at his wedding photograph and began to play Jennifer’s favourite song on his piano.

Let Her Go Down by Noah Cruickshank

Underneath the sapphire sky, the calm breeze blows across my face as I say farewell to my reliable relatives. As I glance above me I could see radiant British flags grasping onto the patterned ropes.

Soon, our extraordinary galleon was powering through the sky blue sea as the golden sun gleamed on the water. Gulls glided through the morning sky singing merry songs. While flags flapped around me like the wings of a bird, crew where hard at work. Suddenly, I felt a drop of water on my face. I glanced up; the sky had changed…

I heard a crash of thunder and a strike of lightning suddenly hit and frayed the ropes. The mast had snapped, like a thin stick. In the distance I could see a silhouette. As I edge my way to the other side of the boat-which is also known as the gallon-I noticed a weak figure leaning over some battered barrels. It was the captain! Alone and damaged!

It was scary! I noticed a pool of devil red blood dripping down from his collar to his smart jacket. It was clear that his left hand was hanging limp to his waist. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I found an awful gash –which was badly swollen- right down to his the cracked bone. I gasped… I felt my heart pounding in my chest.

Distressed and forlorn, plank after plank slipped away from the gallon. Time was running out. Franticly, I tore off some of my ripped clothing and wrapped it round him so it stopped the blood gushing out. I glanced around for ideas and I noticed one remaining barrel. I closed my eyes to stop eye contact and tied him carefully to the barrel, with that I tossed him out to sea.

The captain drifted away as storm dyed out like a melting lolly. Turning back to my shattered ship I cried “swim for your lives, swim for your children, swim for your wives, just let her go down” as we all jumped off we swam, swam and swam. In the distance we noticed a desert island and shouted for joy we were saved!

Captured by Joe Smith

Chapter 1

On a spooky morning across the terrifying misty moors there stood a huge castle with a metal door where the lord lived with his wife and child. In the grounds were horses for two hundred soldiers and chickens and sheep for eggs and meat. It was hail and lightning and one of the soldiers brought the lord a sheep which he shaved for a woolly coat ready for his journey.

Chapter 2

The Lord warned his Lady by these words:

“Lady by the time the sun sets on this valley, Long Lankin the brute will emerge from the moors and come to this castle. I have to warn you that he has deadly venom teeth, a shaded black forked tongue .Long Lankin is a red menacing devil.” He announced to her “all you have is two soldiers to guard you and our baby GOOD LUCK!”

Chapter 3

Once the Lord had set off to into the wilderness and was out of sight it was the next day. Out by the moors there was a shimmer of red and the Lady thought “the sun isn’t red its orange and yellow” but it was actually Long Lankins red eyes staring at her in the sunlight. Later with his horrendous claws he climbed over the spiky moors and hibernated with the bushes surrounding him.

He waited a while and then clasped at the front door tugging and heaving and shredding it until soon he was inside.

Chapter 4

Determined, the lady went up the stairs where her baby was sleeping and the two soldiers were searching for Long Lankin. The only thing she had with her was a candle that flickered gently. She tiptoed to her room and as she laid on her bed Long Lankin came walking in roaring “where be the Lady?” she leaped up and threw a cover over him but he snapped his way out just as the Lord came climbing over the balcony with his sword in front of him and his two best soldiers, one called Jim, who stabbed Long Lankin in the belly. The brute whispered “this battle has not been won or finished you forget I have family”, but everyone only heard the word family because they were cheering.