Physical Education

PE Curriculum at Mengham Junior School

At Mengham Junior School, we strive to develop an enjoyment and love for sporting activity which promoted the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Through a balanced and engaging curriculum, children will be able to perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. We promote a love for exercise and competition amongst the pupils and the positive impact that this has on the body.  Through developing the knowledge and skills for a wide range of sports and activities, we encourage a positive outlook on physical activity that will accompany them into their later lives.

PE is delivered twice a week in each year group where the children harness and improve the necessary skills and knowledge needed to complete a variety of sporting activities through exposure to numerous sports such as swimming, gymnastics, athletics and team games. At Mengham Junior School we follow the GetSet4PE scheme which facilitates all children being able to access the activities and think holistically about their approach to physical activity, including warming up effectively and learning fundamental skills (for instance, throwing and catching and core movements). Children also have access to specialised coaching in sports, such as cricket.  All children in year 3 have swimming lessons; as we live on an island, it is of utmost importance that for their own safety children learn to become confident and able swimmers. Those who have not met required KS2 standards in this time will have additional swimming sessions until the end of key stage 2 in order that they have the most opportunity to be able to meet required standards. Inclusivity is vital, and activities are tailored and implemented to benefit children of all abilities and needs. Pupils have access to an excellent range of quality resources (E.g., wall bars, trim trail, sporting goals) for use in curricular and extra-curricular sporting activities. There are opportunities to participate in extra-curricular sporting clubs through the year, such as dodgeball, football and cricket. Throughout lessons, children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and performances as well as critiquing and assessing their peers through observation, recording and feedback. We provide opportunities for children to discover new and less-familiar sports which encourages children to take an interest in, and take up, a particular sport. Children have opportunities to compete and participate in inter and intra school competitions through participation in the Hampshire Games and links with fellow schools in the surrounding area. Successes in these, and extra-curricular sporting activities, are celebrated on our PE display board in the school hall. Furthermore, the children can apply to become sports leaders where it is their responsibility to help set up for lessons, sports days and assist in demonstrations to the class. Our annual Sports Day is a much-anticipated event in the school year and all the children take part, in both competitive and team events.

The children become successful learners through developing mastery of these skills where they demonstrate the correct technique and communication skills necessary to succeed in sport. Through the wide range of physical activities covered within the curriculum, children develop their knowledge of how sports are played and competed and how to maximise their performances within them. Reflecting on performance builds resilience and respect for their own and others’ abilities and achievements leading to tolerance and acceptance; consequently, children learn to be a responsible member of the community. The children develop courage and determination to have a go at the many sporting activities available and discover not only the joy of succeeding but also the value of taking risks and making mistakes in order to learn and grow as an individual. The development of these skills and knowledge will increase their enjoyment of sport and enable the children to be inspired to lead healthy and active lives.

Curriculum Map – PE

Skills Progression in PE