Personal Development Learning

Personal Development Curriculum at Mengham Junior School

Personal Development plays a fundamental part in supporting the children of Mengham Junior School to prepare to be successful citizens in our rapidly changing world. Personal Development prepares children to lead safe and healthy lives to enable them to make a positive contribution to society. In the future, we hope that children will then be open to new ideas and resilient to change. Our key values focus on being successful learners, healthy and confident individuals and responsible members of our community. 

Our personal development learning units are planned using the Hampshire Supporting Personal Development learning document. We follow a thematic approach through our units. During PDL lessons, pupils are encouraged to take part in debates and philosophical discussions. This allows them to listen to a range of ideas and opinions, to reflect and then form their own. In addition to this, texts have been matched to units to ensure further discussion opportunities. Texts include learning about celebrations around the world to support the understanding of diversity within our wider community, texts linked to different family set ups to ensure children feel represented and texts linked to body privacy to ensure safeguarding is well embedded throughout these vital learning opportunities. SMSC opportunities are planned within each unit as well as opportunities to promote fundamental British Values.  

Our PDL curriculum promotes different aspects of health and well-being. In this fast paced, technological world, we encourage children to be active, explore and stay physically and mentally healthy.  Children explore food and hygiene as well as fitness. They think about ways to stay fit and healthy using the facilities available on and around the island. Other topics covered here include bullying, drugs, smoking and alcohol. These are taught at an appropriate level for the age and stage of the children through discussions, scenarios and role-play. Children are made aware of a range of job roles and careers and we welcome visitors as they make a valuable contribution to learning by sharing their life experience.  

During relationships and sex education units, staff members create a safe and supportive space for children to learn age appropriate information about relationships, changes and their bodies. We work closely with parents and carers to ensure they are informed about this section of the curriculum. They have the opportunity to view the resources used and discuss any issues of concern. 

In order to collate and share all the exciting and inspirational learning that happens in and around our school we have the ‘Awe and Wonder’ board. This includes pictures and children’s reflections of activities which support development in social and emotional aspects of the curriculum and create a greater awareness of self and the part they play within the school and wider community.  

Children are prepared for life beyond school and are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe and healthy. Learning about their mental well-being supports positive self-esteem. They show respect for differing opinions but also have the confidence to challenge them if necessary.  

Curriculum Map – PDL

Skills progression in PDL