Music Curriculum at Mengham Junior School

In music at Mengham Junior School, we aim to inspire pupils’ creativity, help them develop an appreciation of music as well as increase their self-confidence and sense of achievement in composing and performing musically.

To ensure children are excited and engaged with their music learning, a range of musical experience is provided and the school has a variety of musical instruments to support this.  This includes an opportunity to learn a musical instrument through lessons from external, skilled professional music teachers to enhance their learning once during KS2.  Other musical experiences are introduced when possible.    Pupils are introduced to and encouraged to reflect on different musical styles throughout KS2.  By participating in weekly singing assemblies, they develop a love for singing where they can also feel a part of the whole school community. They take part in musical performances in school to showcase their skills to family, friends and other invited guests as well as to celebrate special occasions throughout the year.

They show success by reading simple music notation, handling and playing familiar instruments with confidence and performing for an audience.  They can express how music makes them feel and can work independently and together to produce music, developing confidence and resilience.  Children feel a sense of school spirit in learning to contribute and participate in singing and other musical experiences.  They can appreciate songs or music from different cultures and styles, helping them to become more tolerant and responsible members of the community.

Curriculum Map – Music

Skills progression in Music