Uniform Info

At Mengham Junior School we wear our school uniform with pride. Please click the below link to download information on the school uniform.

School Uniform Order Form

 The Uniform

  • Black trousers or black skirt (girls may also wear trousers)
  • Red or white polo shirt (with school logo)
  • Red sweatshirt or sweat cardigan (with school logo)
  • Black shoes (black leather trainers are acceptable but not trainers in other colours)

The P.E. Kit

  • P.E. T-shirt (with logo) in House colour
  • Black Shorts (cycling shorts acceptable for girls)
  • Black plimsolls or trainers (for outdoor P.E.)
  • A tracksuit can be worn outside in cold weather
It is very important for health and hygiene that children have a change of outer clothes and footwear for P.E. lessons.
Your child will be allocated a school 'House' when they enrol at our school.  We have 4 Houses, they are Ainslie (Blue), MacArthur (Green), Nelson (Yellow) and Shackleton (Red).

 Protective clothing

We recommend that you provide an overall or adult’s old shirt for your child to wear for messy art and craft activities.

 Optional Items

Reversible Fleece (these can only be purchased from the school office).

 Other useful information

All P.E. kit and school uniform should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

P.E. kit should be kept in a clearly named bag that can be fastened and hung on a peg.  We advise that the kit is brought in each Monday and taken home on Friday for washing.

You will be contacted by text if, for any reason, your child fails to have their P.E. kit in school when required.  It is very important that all children participate in P.E. lessons whenever possible.  If, however, your child has suffered illness or injury, please write a letter to your child’s teacher, to excuse them from P.E. that day.


Children with pierced ears should wear stud earrings only whilst in school.  No other jewellery is allowed other than a sensible watch.  (NB Children with newly pierced ears are allowed to keep their studs in for P.E. for the first two weeks after piercing, provided the studs are taped over.  After that, children should remove their earrings for P.E.  Please make sure your child can take out and replace their own earrings; staff are not allowed to do this for them). If they cannot do this by themselves, parents should ensure their child does not wear earrings on days when he/she is doing PE.

 Make-up and nail varnish are not allowed in school.  Personal property (including jewellery) is brought to school at the owner’s risk and no responsibility for loss or damage will be accepted by the school.  All personal property must be named.  At the end of each half term named items of lost property are returned to their owners.  Unclaimed items are sent to a local charity shop or clothes bank.