Year 6 Bikeability Cycle Training Week

21st October 2019

Bikeability Cycle Training 

Bikeability cycle training is offered free to all primary schools in Hampshire. The training follows the National Standard and helps give children the skills and experience they need to cycle safely and confidently. Children enjoy cycling and, of course, it brings many Health Benefits such as being good for your Heart, your Muscles, your Immune System and your Waistline. Cycling is also good for your Coordination and Mental Health and can help you live longer! This training is being delivered by Pedal Power Training Ltd.

The course - how it works and the three levels

The training will take place in your school during the week beginning; Monday 21st October 2019

Sessions will run during school hours. Your child will be informed of their session times before their course starts. 

On day 1 an instructor will work with a group of children on the playground. Children are taught to do bike, helmet and clothing checks.  This is followed by a range of fun exercises to check and develop their bike control skills.  These skills are the Level 1 skills as laid out in the National Standards.  

Children must pass Level 1 in order to start the Level 2 training that takes place on local roads. Riders must be able to demonstrate that they are safe enough to progress to on-road training; not all riders will reach this level. If the instructor feels a child is not quite ready to progress, the child will be given advice on where they need improve in order to start the level 2 next time training is delivered in school.

Level 3 training is offered through secondary schools and covers more complex roads and junctions; helping your child to make more independent journeys on busier roads. For more information on Bikeability and the three different levels go to

If you would like more details on National Standard Cycle Training, please refer to the frequently asked questions -the school office will have a copy. If you would like information on the on-road training area to be used, please contact the school office at the end of the first day of training where all risk assessments will be available.

How to book and what to bring

There are a limited number of places available, so please complete and the return the attached form to the school officeby Monday 23rd September 2019 at the latest.  If you would like your child to take up cycle training but need to arrange for use of a bike and/or helmet, it may be possible to borrow these from Pedal Power Training, or you could arrange for your child to share with a friend – please inform the school. The minimum seat height of Pedal Power bikes is 750mm.

Your child will need the following for all their course sessions:

  • A bike which is roadworthy and the correct size for them - a bike check will be carried out on the day 1 and any bike which is not roadworthy will have to be fixed for your child to continue on the course (or a loan bike can be used). A roadworthy bike must have the following as a minimum – 2 fully inflated tyres, with good tread, 2 working brakes, secure handle bars, with correctly fitting secure grips.
  • Bikeability participants can now get a free bike check and 10% off bikes and accessories at Halfords. To take advantage of this offer please log on to and register.
  • A cycle helmet - this needs to be the right size and a good fit
  • Warm clothing including gloves (sessions are between 1 and 2 hours and are outside).  High visibility jackets are provided.
  • Some wet weather clothing e.g. a minimum of a shower or waterproof jacket, preferably some over-trousers too.  The training will continue in light to moderate rain but will be suspended if there is a heavy downpour.

We do hope you will register your child for this training and we look forward to seeing them on their course.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Harrison and Mrs Davies


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