Home Learning for Year 4

Year 4’s home learning is set on a Friday and due in on a Thursday. We hold our spelling tests every Tuesday and complete our times table challenge every Thursday.

Must Reads

Year 4 Must Reads list

Extended Learning

Here is this term’s extended learning project. Please click on the picture below to download and view the extended learning project for your child:

Spring 2019 termly homework.jpg

 Year 4 Spellings

Please click on any of the link below to download and view the spellings for your child:

 Spelling Words.jpg

Year 4 Maths Challenges

maths challenge.png

English Home Learning

Reading a book.jpg

A word study activity to help us to learn to spell and use our spelling words.To be a successful with our English home learning we need to complete 3 activities every week.
  • A reading activity from our bookmark
  • Read a minimum of 3 times a week at home.
 Maths Home LearningTo be a successful with our Maths home learning we need to complete 2 activities every week.
  • Practise our times tables in a fun and memorable way twice a week
  • Complete the weekly maths challenge. This will either be to consolidate what we are learning or in preparation for what we will be learning next..Maths.jpg

The following home learning is celebrated each week. 

Monday Reading, Times tables

In addition, extended learning projects have activities for completion each week.

Tuesday Reading, Word study
Wednesday Times tables, Word study
Thursday Word study, Reading
Friday Times tables, Reading

 Support for Home Learning

In addition to the weekly homework, we are encouraged to use the internet to revise what we have learnt in school. These websites are really good fun: