The Governors


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At Mengham Junior School we have a committed and hardworking team of Governors.  Please read below to find out who they are and a little about them:

Sue.jpgSue Lewis  Chair of Governors (Term of office expires 21.07.2026)

Co-opted governor, attends CS&L ( Curriculum Standards & Learning)  and Resources  committees, member of both Head Teacher Performance Panel and Pay Panel.



Christine.jpgChristine Moore (Term of office expires 21.07.2022)

Co-opted governor, Chair of both Resources committee and Head Teacher Performance Panel.




 Becky Whipp Vice-Chair of Governors (Term of office expires 21.07.2022) 

Co-opted governor, Chair of CS&L committee, attends and leads some initiatives of the School Council.




Heather Limb    (Term of office expires 21.07.2022) 

Co-opted Governor, member of CS&L committee.

Agnes Gadsdon(Term of office expires 2023) 

Co-Opted Governor.


Bruce Mowatt website.jpgBruce Mowatt (Term of office expires 19.03.2021) 

Co-opted Governor, member of Resources committee, Head Teacher Performance  and Head Teacher Induction Panel.




Chris Wotton website.jpgChris Wotton (Term of office expires 5.02.2021) 

LA Governor, member of CS&L committee, Pay & Complaints Panels.



Staff Governor

Nikki Farrage website gov.jpgNikki Farrage (Term of office expires 3.09.2021)

Staff Governor, member of CS&L committee and Training governor.



Parent Governors

Julie Fraser.jpgJulie Fraser (Term of office expires 7.02.2022) 

Parent Governor, Member of CS&L committee, Pay & Head Teacher Induction Panels. Lead Governor for Safeguarding.



Alison Chamberlain (Term of office expires 29.01.2022) 

Parent governor, Member of the Resources committee and Head Teacher Induction Panel. Lead governor for Safeguarding.