Compliments and Complaints

Complaints Procedure Guidance For Parents

At Mengham Junior School parents are valued contributors to the life of our school and to the education of their child.  We endeavour to deal with all matters of concern as they arise.  Unfortunately, there is sometimes a need for further action and the following procedures are in place for such occasions:

There are three levels of complaint: -

  • A complaint to the child’s teacher or Headteacher
  • A formal complaint to the Governing Body
  • A formal complaint to the Local Education Authority

A Complaint to the Child’s Teacher or Headteacher

If you have any worries about your child’s education, you should first discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher.  This usually enables problems to be sorted out quickly, to everyone’s satisfaction.  The best way to do this is to make an appointment via the school office for after school hours.

If you are not satisfied following such a discussion, you may wish to bring your concerns to the Headteacher’s personal attention in writing.  Full discussion should normally enable complaints to be resolved informally by the staff of the school within 5 working days, making a formal complaint to the governing body unnecessary.

Making a Formal Complaint to the Governing Body

If you wish to complain to the Governing Body of the school or you wish to complain about the Headteacher, you should write a letter to the Chair of Governors and send it into the school for the attention of the Clerk of Governors who will bring it to his/her attention on your behalf.  The complaint will be fully investigated and the Chair of Governors will contact you within 10 working days.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of this procedure and still wish to pursue the complaint, you may request that the Governing Body’s Complaints Panel hears the case.  A request of this kind should be made in writing to the clerk to the Governing Body, via the school address and should include information about the: -

  • Nature of the original complaint
  • Steps taken by the Headteacher or member of staff designated to deal with the matter and the Headteacher’s response
  • Chair of Governors’ response
  • Reasons for pursuing the complaint beyond the Chair of Governors

The clerk will arrange a meeting of the Complaints Panel within 20 days of the request and inform you about the process to be followed.

A Formal Complaint to the Local Education Authority

If you still feel aggrieved, the Headteacher will give you the name and address of the Local Education Authority who will give you advice as to how to proceed.

In addition, you may wish to take advice from other sources such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Parent/Partnership Services or the Advisory Centre for Education.

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